Happy New Year! In letting go of the mind we begin the path of becoming. For those of you who have never had any success with meditation, I hope you will give this practice another chance. Fifteen minutes of your day is all that is required. These gentle tools and exercises can help you find the inner peace you’ve been searching for. To begin decide on a time and a place you can commit to as your practice. A journal is a handy tool for you to watch your progress, note your insights, and discover new ways of seeing yourself.

The easiest way to be still is to sit in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the floor. Barefoot is best so you can feel the subtle sensations in your feet. Check in with yourself. Note any aches and pains and your emotional state. Let your shoulders relax and place your hands gently on your thighs. When you are ready, exhale, and as you exhale let the sound “Huh” push the breath from your lungs until you expel as much air as you can.

As you take in your next breath, rest your hands on your lower abdomen and breathe, feeling the air moving through your nostrils. Expand the front of your lungs, hold your breath for a few seconds, and then exhale using the sound “Huh”. Take in another breath, bring your attention to the back of your lungs, purposely filling them with air as well as the front of your lungs. Hold your breath again for a second or two and exhale pursing your lips as if blowing up a balloon. In the third breath, breathe into your belly again, feeling the front of your lungs expand, the back of your lungs, and this time feel the sides of your lungs expand. Hold your breath for a few seconds and gently exhale letting the air be expelled through your mouth. Sit for a few moments and breathe normally. Circle your head to the right three times, and then to the left. Circle your shoulders back three times and then front three times. Sit for a few moments more. Note in your journal any differences in the way you feel. Namaste.

There is always great anticipation as we get closer to the new year. First there is revelry and then resolutions. Yet finding peace within is usually given the last seat at the table. I invite you to sit with me and meditate. I’ll provide the tools for you to discover how to de-stress and find inner peace using guided meditation, short texts from the writings of spiritual masters, sound healing, energy healing and guided movement. On Jan. 1st I’ll begin. In the meantime, find a place you would be comfortable sitting for at least 15 minutes. A comfortable chair or on the floor sitting on a cushion would be preferable. Block 15 minutes for your practice at the same time each day. If this is not possible then work out what is best for you. I would love your comments as we embark together on a more peaceful new year. Happy New Year!

The message of love, hope and peace are the true gifts of Christmas. As you move through the day dealing with loved ones who might be disagreeable, past situations still causing pain and suffering, know the Divine is always present. Breathe into the space of inner peace, open your heart to Love. Let your spirit soar with the hope for a better year, filled with balance, health and prosperity. L’Chaim! To Life!

I hope your Thanksgiving is nourished by peace and sustained by love.

You’ll never get indigestion from either one.

At the Yurt Garden not far from Huntsville, AL.

Remember to block out some time on Sunday Dec.6th from 1-4 for a relaxing experience at the Yurt Garden Open House.

Savor some hot spiced tea and a vegetarian ziti.

You could win a drawing for an HOUR of any of my services, plus honey and holiday gift certificates for sale.

Explore the grounds, walk the labyrinth, meditate in the Peace garden, rake the sand in the Japanese sand garden.

The Open House is perfect for actually taking some personal time to slow down before the holiday season gets in full swing.

I’ll be doing free 15 minute energy sessions for anyone who would like to experience my work (you will really like it).


I have practiced many forms of meditation from yoga poses to Tai Chi. I have sat quietly and tried to tame the “Monkey Mind,” darting here to there over “things to do” and daily worries. The one thing I have never been able to do is a daily meditative practice.

Research out now, from Harvard and MIT prove that meditating daily for two months will increase the grey matter in your brain and improve your memory. It will also reduce stress in the body. I’d like to share this blog with people who are ready to take the challenge of an every day practice for two months, and I’d like to help you get there.
It’s good to have a specific time and place you can meditate. It might seem hard at first, but sitting will get easier with time. Lying in bed is usually not a good idea because napping, which is a healing for the body, is not the intended purpose of meditation.

I’m on day 2 of sitting quietly for 25 minutes. If you have never meditated, we could work together.

  • The first thing is to sit comfortably, either on a chair, with your feet on the floor or on the floor on a cushion with your knees gently elevated using pillows.
  • As you close your eyes concentrate on your breath. Watch it enter your nose, as you expand your lower abdomen filling your lungs with air. Sometimes its easier to count the seconds you bring in a breath. Eight is number that will allow your lungs to fully open, the front, the sides and back.
  • Hold your breath for 4 counts, let out the breath for 8. I would do the cleansing breath 3 or 4 times.
    Then sit and observe what goes on in your body. Watch your thoughts, let them float by and when you are done, record how your feel.

Each day you do your practice, you should feel a little calmer.

The long-awaited Fall Open House at the Yurt!

I’m hosting a Fall Open House on Sunday Nov. 1st from 1-4pm. I’ll have refreshments and snacks, and a raffle for a free massage!

Holiday gift certificates will be available as well as local honey for sale.

The zinnias may be gone, but the garden is ever changing and quite beautiful.  Come walk the labyrinth and go through the new cabin for over overnight rental.

It’s a cozy, soothing spot for getaways or just some uninterrupted piece and quiet to get some things done.

RSVP and call for directions (not far outside of Huntsville, AL) available from two sides of the mountain.

Yurgarden for Fall Open House in November near Huntsville, AL

Front Porch of the Yurt

Map view for those RSVPing