About The Yurt Garden

The Yurt Garden is nestled on five acres at the base of Keel Mountain, ten minutes from Hampton Cove. It’s owner, Lynn Anderson, is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) with over 20 years experience. Here you can unwind and de-stress with a therapeutic massage, energy work session or hot rock massage. Life coaching and cancer support are offered in a healing atmosphere surrounded by a hidden garden and an 11-circuit labyrinth.


Swedish and Deep Relaxation Massage

$80 an hour

I believe the best way to help a person de-stress is not by beating up on their muscles. My style is slow and relaxing. I employ Swedish massage strokes along with holding troubled areas allowing the body to respond to the warmth that emanates from my hands and heart. I also employ long strokes from shoulders to feet to help the client feel their body is not divided into segments, but is a single entity working with mind and spirit.

Hot Stone Massage

$80 an hour

Enjoy the warmth and heat of smooth lava rocks that will penetrate your tense muscles allowing you to relax and let go. The massage includes using the stones as massage tools to work a little deeper on the areas that need a little extra attention.

Healing Touch Energy Work

$80 an hour

This therapy was founded in 1989 by nurse practitioner, Janet Mentgen as a continuing ed course for nurses and other health care professionals. It is done with the client clothed, using light touch from feet to head. It is used in hospital settings, private practice, hospice care and in spas. It can: reduce stress, calm anxiety, soothe depression, strengthen the immune system, aid in recovery from surgery, ease acute chronic conditions, and helps to a create a feeling of well being. I have been doing this work for over 25 years.

Cancer Life Coaching

$70 an hour

Thirteen years ago my son was diagnosed with bone cancer and then later on Leukemia. I came into this role by being a parent with a child with cancer. In the course of his 20-year life he has had cancer five times. I’m happy to say, he has been in remission from both cancers for five years! I’ve helped numerous people deal with questions about diet and exercise, and side effects from chemo and radiation. I’ve also helped clients make sense of their doctors reports as well as helping them formulate the right questions to ask their physicians to get a the most information possible.

Spiritual and Life Coaching

$70 an hour

I have always been a good listener. When my clients come to me, I listen to them beyond their words and mirror back to them what’s in their hearts. I also employ Emotional Freedom Technique, which is based on acupressure points and a personal mantra in order to come into spiritual harmony with one’s self.

Retreat Center

Temporarily closed

The Yurt is a great place to hold a workshop or as a venue for any group of people who want to get away to the country within a half hour’s driving distance from Huntsville. The Yurt can comfortably hold 12 people for yoga and meditation and movement workshops. A kitchen area (including a microwave, coffee maker and refrigerator) are there to use. The Yurt has an indoor bathroom as well. It is air-conditioned and heated.

Call me to schedule a session at 256-424-2221
Or Contact me for other option combinations and pricing.

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The Yurt Garden is still closed during the Covid 19 Pandemic

I hope you all are staying well. I keep waiting for the numbers to go down but they are still rising in Madison County. When I do re-open, I will require my clients to wear masks except when face down in the cradle. I will be masked the entire time. I’ll be posting again at […]

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