As I had mentioned in the previous post every living and non-living entity has an auric field. The first time I saw my own field I was truly amazed! If you want to do this with your friends, get them to stand in front of a neutral surfaced wall. Stand at least three feet away from them and partially close your eyes. Look two inches off of their head and neck and shoulders, looking for their etheric layer. It should appear yellowish white. Let your eyes move out at least two feet off of their bodies and note what colors you see if any. This is the mental level. Next look four feet off of their bodies and see if you are able to detect their spiritual layer. Note if the colors are sharp, pale or muddled.

Another way you can see your own field is by rubbing your hands together and pulling them apart looking at the space between your fingertips. It’s easiest to see the streaming light coming off of your hands if you are in a darkened hallway with a light on in an adjacent room. Pull your hands apart slowly, as you partially close your eyes. Let me know if you are able to see your own field. I remember how thrilled I was to know my energy did extend beyond my physical body. Warm regards.