Martha Graham, the famous modern dancer coined the phrase,”The body is a sacred garment.” In our rushed every day lives, this thought is the furthest thing in our minds. Yet in every major religion and spiritual practice seeing the body as a vessel for Divine connection is universal.

The first 2 hour workshop on Sat. Nov.18th from 10-12noon is on Self-Breast Massage. We women rarely think or touch our breasts unless we are in shower, putting on a bra, or checking ourselves for lumps. I’d like to teach you how to stretch tight pectoral muscles as well as working the entire breast to bring better blood flow and help your lymph flush out toxins. Self breastwork can also loosen back and neck muscles.

The touch is gentle and the intention is to become mindful through our bodies we are one in Spirit. Mediation and breath work will be involved so bring a yoga mat. You can bring a bag lunch and stay and walk the labyrinth and the grounds afterward. I hope you can make it.

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