Most women know the importance of checking their breasts each month for lumps and bumps but this act is usually done in fear. What if we find something, and then what?

Many women have fibrous breast tissue which can feel like a lump especially at the lower edges of the breast. This can cause pain in the breasts and even in the surrounding muscle tissue. It is amazing how little we know about our own anatomy as well as our general distaste for touching ourselves. Breast massage can be done in a loving and therapeutic way.

I have found by using certain lymph drainage techniques on myself and some clients, the pain and tightness of the breast tissue can be greatly reduced and can even go away!

To begin, lie on your back and cup your hand gently over your left breast. Pull your breast to the right, feeling the tissue yield and the muscles surrounding the breast stretch. Hold this breast stretch for at least 4 counts and then release slowly. Do this two more times and then change sides doing the same thing on the right breast. Next, with your right hand, begin at your neck using your fingertips, with the lightest touch, come down to your left breast feeling your pectoral muscles located on the chest wall. Then move your right hand down the breast. Cup your left breast and lift it off the chest wall, cupping the lowest part of your breast, lifting it gently upward. Hold for 4 counts, then release slowly and repeat two more times. Change breasts and do the same for the right breast, using your left hand. Remember to start at the neck with your fingertips and come slowly down to the breast.

Maintaining good breast health should be just important as eating right and getting the right amount of exercise. Lymph sometimes get stuck by wearing a bra all day and because we don’t usually touch ourselves.

I’m a licensed massage therapist with lymph drainage experience. I can show you these things in person as well as do a breast massage for you.

If we truly want to take charge of our health then we need to learn more about being in our own bodies.