The last meditative exercise we did was color breathing by bringing the intention of a color to the various parts of our body. These parts of our body correspond to the Chakra system that had its birthplace in India thousands of years ago. See if these descriptions align with the organism that is you.

The word chakra in Sanskrit for wheel. You can think of them as funnels or vortexs of energy. The seven major chakras are three dimensional going through your body from front to back.
According to Barbara Brennan,”Chakras function as intake organs for energy from the universal life energy field. This energy is taken in and metabolized through each chakra and sent to the parts of the body located in the major nerve plexus closest to each.”

The first chakra called the root, is located between the legs in the sacral-coccyx joint. It’s color is red and it is associated with our life force energy. When we are sick this chakra is usually the first one to be depleted. The second chakra located below the navel called the sacral.Its color is orange. Its associated with our emotions as well as our sensuality and sexuality. The third is the solar plexus between the diaphragm and the navel. Its color is yellow. It supplies the stomach, intestines,gall bladder, pancreas and spleen. It is where we can have a gut feeling about something. It is also where we experience our place in relationships, as well as ourselves. This is place that emotional issues can plague or physical body from digestion to elimination. The fourth chakra is the Heart, its color is green. It is related to love and openness to life. The fifth is is throat chakra. It’s color is blue. It is also associated with our ability to hear and smell. It is where we give voice to who we are. The sixth is located on our forehead between our eyes. Its color is purple and it is the seat of our intuition and the place we perceive the world from. The seventh is our crown located at the top of the head. It’s color is white. It is the place of direct knowing, linking our personality and spirituality as one.
See which chakra is most active or least active in your body. I would love to show you first hand how to experience the energy within you.