I believe many of us are searching for a deeper sense peace in our lives. This short poem by Rumi speaks to our desire to feel communion with others and the Divine in this endeavor.
“The clear bead at the center changes everything. There are no edges to my loving now. You’ve heard it said there’s a window that opens from one mind to another, but if there’s no wall, there’s no need for fitting the window, or the latch.”

Bringing the Divine to your meditation, can help you relax as you call on your higher self, your faith or your spiritual practice to help silence your busy thoughts. By giving thanks for whatever is going right in your life before you start will help you move into a state of relaxation and peace.
Today’s meditation works well if you need a fast a power nap or if you wake up in the middle of night with insomnia. It’s best to do this exercise laying down either on a comfortable mat or in your bed. Lay on your back, and breathe in slowly feeling the air enter your nose, gently expanding your chest and existing slowly through your mouth. Bring your attention to your feet. Use your mind to sense the space under the balls of your foot. Think of this area as a drain and feel it open allowing busy thoughts and physical pain a way to leave your body. Next bring your attention to your ankles, sensing your ankles, breathing into them and exhaling through the feet. Allow your attention to be brought to your calves then hamstrings, relaxing your legs into the bed, breathing out through the mouth feeling the breath leave the bottoms of your feet. Take your next breath and sense your hips and your lower back sinking into the comfort of your bed, sending the exhale down your legs into your feet. Bring the breath up feeling your shoulders, your arms and hands, letting go of stress. Send the exhale downward again through your legs into your feet and into the earth. Feel the back of your neck, letting go, becoming more relaxed, letting tension leave as you continue breathing through your body and out your feet. Feel the back of your head, the softness of your pillow, letting go, letting go…. Know you are loved.