I was well on my way to meditating for two months straight. The research about the benefits of meditation state it takes at least two months to create more grey matter to improve memory, as well as your general well being. I felt each day I meditated my mind began to recede into the back round and I could observe the peace behind closed eyes. Then my husband and I took a trip to Florida to visit my elderly parents. I could have found time to meditate, but it seemed like my concentration wasn’t there. My parents had become more feeble since the last visit in April and that was stressful. It was a good visit. When I got back home, I was too busy to meditate. At least I thought I had too many more important things to do. I started to miss it. Today, I decided not to beat up on myself for not maintaining my practice, but to begin where I left off.

In Meditation you create the rules. Meditation like life needs to flow from you. Today I did a chakra spread. If you ever thought about learning the ways of stones and crystals the “Dream Maker” in Huntsville is a great place to purchase reasonably priced minerals and stones.

There is much written about the chakras and the various stones to use for each one. If you review my Chakra blog you’ll see the colors each one corresponds to. Today I used Red Jasper as I sat on the floor, for my first chakra, for the second chakra, orange jasper, for the solar plex-citrine, the heart- malachite, throat- turquoise, third eye- amethyst and for crown chakra, a quartz crystal. Sitting on the floor, I first rubbed my hands together to stimulate my electro-magnetic field. I felt the field between my hands and then charged the stones with my energy field. This is something you can do as well. Then I took each stone and used them separately on the corresponding chakras. When I finished I felt more energized but peaceful. If you don’t have stones you can use your imagination and use the color breathing exercise I posted in January. Namaste!