One of the first lessons of mindful thinking is learning how to check in with oneself. Most of us walk around on auto pilot doing the everyday things of our lives without listening to our bodies. Checking in, is listening. Where are you feeling your aches and pains? What is your emotional state right in this moment?
With these things in mind, sit quietly in a chair or comfortably on the floor. Close your eyes, and if you are in a chair have your feet flat on the floor. Take a slow deep breath through your nose expanding your lower abdomen. Feel your lungs expand then use the sound Huh as you exhale through your mouth. Repeat this breath two more times, allowing the sound Huh, to force the stale air from you. Resume your normal breathing paying attention to yourself as your breath enters your nose, expand your lower abdomen, fills your lungs and gently and is exhaled. Check in again with yourself. Are there any differences in the way you feel? This is the first step of mindful thinking, being present with yourself in the moment you are in.