We seem to be in the strangest of all times in the year 2017. Overlay our surreal political situation and our own daily worries and responsibilities is a recipe for mental overload. If there has ever been a time to cultivate inner harmony and peace it is now! By taking time to unplug from the world, we take time for our own healing.
This can be as simple as walking in your neighborhood, being in nature, going to a museum, spending time with a friend, sitting quietly in meditation, playing a musical instrument, singing, dancing, doing something creative. Tapping into what makes you uniquely you and honoring it!

Unplug from technology for a while. Shut your cell phone off, give the internet a rest. When my children were young, I was a stay at home mom and son of seven began his battle with cancer. I knew I had to find time to take deep breaths and long exhales. Thankfully, he is twenty six years old and is cancer free.
We are shaped by the experiences of our lives and I would like to share what I have learned with you. I hope you will make the drive into the country, into nature to unplug from your every day world and join me on Sunday Jan. 22 at 10am for a gathering called Mindfulness, Meditation and Movement.

By linking to one another we will find strength in our numbers. By delving into our spiritual center we’ll find hope and faith. By tapping into the love we have for those in our lives as well as reaching out to those who are suffering, will keep us human. By taking time to unplug from the world, we take time for our own healing.