Happy New Year! In letting go of the mind we begin the path of becoming. For those of you who have never had any success with meditation, I hope you will give this practice another chance. Fifteen minutes of your day is all that is required. These gentle tools and exercises can help you find the inner peace you’ve been searching for. To begin decide on a time and a place you can commit to as your practice. A journal is a handy tool for you to watch your progress, note your insights, and discover new ways of seeing yourself.

The easiest way to be still is to sit in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the floor. Barefoot is best so you can feel the subtle sensations in your feet. Check in with yourself. Note any aches and pains and your emotional state. Let your shoulders relax and place your hands gently on your thighs. When you are ready, exhale, and as you exhale let the sound “Huh” push the breath from your lungs until you expel as much air as you can.

As you take in your next breath, rest your hands on your lower abdomen and breathe, feeling the air moving through your nostrils. Expand the front of your lungs, hold your breath for a few seconds, and then exhale using the sound “Huh”. Take in another breath, bring your attention to the back of your lungs, purposely filling them with air as well as the front of your lungs. Hold your breath again for a second or two and exhale pursing your lips as if blowing up a balloon. In the third breath, breathe into your belly again, feeling the front of your lungs expand, the back of your lungs, and this time feel the sides of your lungs expand. Hold your breath for a few seconds and gently exhale letting the air be expelled through your mouth. Sit for a few moments and breathe normally. Circle your head to the right three times, and then to the left. Circle your shoulders back three times and then front three times. Sit for a few moments more. Note in your journal any differences in the way you feel. Namaste.