Making time for the practice of meditation in your busy day is the biggest challenge to self awareness and inner peace. Creating a space and specific time for your practice will help train your brain to look at this quiet time as well deserved respite from the responsibilities and stressors in your life.

The first cleansing breath exercise from day one is a good starting point for the exercises that follow it. The “Scudder Technique” is especially useful when you have had a stressful day and you are ready to shift gears into a more peaceful mental place. The third exercise is one that can also be done in a comfortable chair.
This exercise incorporates aspects of Tai Chi to ground you in your body so you can be more present and more aware of it.

It’s good to check in with your physical and emotional state before you begin. This can help give you a sense of progress as you move into each new day of your practice.

Sit toward the front of your chair.feel the bottoms of your feet, first the heals, the balls of your feet and your toes. Gently press your feet against the floor. Feel your weight evenly distributed on both feet. Sit on your sitz bones toward the front of the chair. Exhale and breathe. Lean to the right, and turn your head slowly to the right looking over your right shoulder. Sit for a few seconds and feel the weight on the right side. Come back to sitting in the center of your chair. Do the same looking over your left shoulder, leaning to the left then back to center. As you repeat this movement feel the right side fill, note that your left side is emptying. Come back to center, and look over your left shoulder leaning to the left. Your right side should feel like it is empty. Come back to center. Repeat the sequence again. Next inhale deeply. As you exhale blow the breath out through your mouth. Breathe in again and watch your breath move from your lower abdomen to your stomach up to your heart to your throat into your head and out the top of your head. Blow the breath out as if it was a fountain cascading over your shoulders. Repeat two more times. Note how you feel.

I would love to hear from you. Namaste