Everyone has an aura. It is the electromagnetic field that surrounds us as well as all living and non living things. If you have ever been in a gathering of people and someone comes up to you and pick up a weird vibe from them, you are literally sensing their wave length or energy field. You may have a few words with the person but you feel uncomfortable in their presence so you excuse yourself and leave. Energetically, what is occurring is a clash in your auric fields. If you see a good friend and walk toward them, you sense well being and joy. Energetically, your fields are merging.

Each of us are protected by our auric field yet it can be damaged by stress which in many cases leads to disease. In my Day 7 post, I suggested an exercise to help get a feel for the field by rubbing your palms together, pulling them apart and feeling the sensations between one’s hands. This exercise makes tangible the electrical- magnetic side of your energy field. Today’s exercise will allow you to physically see your field so you can incorporate this knowledge in your daily life.

Your auric field is multi layered. The first layer called the Etheric layer. This layer of energy can be seen an inch or two off of your body. The easiest way to see your field is to take a hot shower and steam up your bathroom. Stand in front of the mirror and look through the steam just above your shoulders and neck. Next look two inches around your head. Do you see a yellowish white light around the outline of your upper body? If so, you are seeing the first layer of your field.
Let your eyes move upward about two feet off of your body, looking at your shoulders and head, do you see any colors? This is the mental level. Now let your eyes stray further around four feet off of your body, do you see anything in the steam at this level. This is your spiritual level.

Tomorrow I’ll offer another auric exercise you can do with a friend or a group of people. The more we know we are multi-dimensional and extend beyond our bodies the more empowered we can become to help ourselves and others find peace and heal.