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Finding peace within in 2016

There is always great anticipation as we get closer to the new year. First there is revelry and then resolutions. Yet finding peace within is usually given the last seat at the table. I invite you to sit with me and meditate. I’ll provide the tools for you to discover how to de-stress and find […]

Meditation and the meaning of this season

The message of love, hope and peace are the true gifts of Christmas. As you move through the day dealing with loved ones who might be disagreeable, past situations still causing pain and suffering, know the Divine is always present. Breathe into the space of inner peace, open your heart to Love. Let your spirit […]

A meditative challenge

I have practiced many forms of meditation from yoga poses to Tai Chi. I have sat quietly and tried to tame the “Monkey Mind,” darting here to there over “things to do” and daily worries. The one thing I have never been able to do is a daily meditative practice. Research out now, from Harvard […]


Energy Work by phone

I can be an advocate from diagnosis through treatment. I am knowledgeable about important supplements and diet during cancer treatment. Many of you know, I’ve been doing spiritual healing and energy work for a long time. I know many of you live in town and getting out to the country can be difficult. I’m being […]