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Experiencing your human energy field- Day 7

In the previous six days I’ve shared breath exercises, a brief overview of the chakra system, and how to utilize color breathing with your meditation. Last night, after watching an episode of “Foyle’s War,”an excellent show about WW11 through the eyes of a British policeman, I was unable to fall asleep. My mind was racing […]


The Seven Chakras and the human energy field- day 6

The last meditative exercise we did was color breathing by bringing the intention of a color to the various parts of our body. These parts of our body correspond to the Chakra system that had its birthplace in India thousands of years ago. See if these descriptions align with the organism that is you. The […]

Meditation and Peace within- Day 5

Have you ever looked at a prism’s reflection and noticed how the colors line up? Red is on the bottom, next orange, yellow, green, baby blue, and deep purple. The Chakra system brought to us by ancient Indian masters, assigned these 6 color values to each part of the human body including white which emanates […]

Meditation and finding peace within- day 4

I believe many of us are searching for a deeper sense peace in our lives. This short poem by Rumi speaks to our desire to feel communion with others and the Divine in this endeavor. “The clear bead at the center changes everything. There are no edges to my loving now. You’ve heard it said […]

Finding Peace Within- Day 3

Making time for the practice of meditation in your busy day is the biggest challenge to self awareness and inner peace. Creating a space and specific time for your practice will help train your brain to look at this quiet time as well deserved respite from the responsibilities and stressors in your life. The first […]

Finding Peace Within- Day 2

The Tao Te Ching written by Lao Tsu is over 2,500 years old. It’s wisdom speaks through the centuries to us today. Enjoy the rest of your weekend but keep in mind Number 9 of Lao Tsu’s essential Tao. “Better stop short than fill to the brim. Over sharpen the blade, and the edge will […]

Finding Peace within

Happy New Year! In letting go of the mind we begin the path of becoming. For those of you who have never had any success with meditation, I hope you will give this practice another chance. Fifteen minutes of your day is all that is required. These gentle tools and exercises can help you find […]