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Beginning Energywork

I am leading a workshop with this theme from Hafiz, “Now is the time to know that all that you do is sacred.” And I would add, who you are as well. I offer Beginning Energywork on Sat. October 6th from 10-1. We’ll explore various techniques to help you understand and hear your body speak. […]

Tools for Accessing your Human or Auric Energy Field

This introductory workshop on Sunday April 29th from 1-3 will give you tangible tools to see, feel and touch your own auric field as well as experience others. We’ll be exploring colors and sound vibration as well as your own chi using tai chi movements to access this inner energy that can harnessed for self […]

Spring cleaning for your mind and body

Winter is a good time to de-clutter our personal things. It’s also a perfect time to let go of thoughts and ideas cluttering our brains. We tune our cars so they will run more efficiently but usually we wait until we are sick to take care of ourselves. The Yurt may not be in your […]

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Upcoming Workshop -Our Body, sacred garment- Self Breast Massage Nov. 18th

Martha Graham, the famous modern dancer coined the phrase,”The body is a sacred garment.” In our rushed every day lives, this thought is the furthest thing in our minds. Yet in every major religion and spiritual practice seeing the body as a vessel for Divine connection is universal. The first 2 hour workshop on Sat. […]


Help for migraine suffers

If you are someone plagued by migraine headaches I can teach you hands on techniques to help yourself as well as give you a balancing energy work session. I can help lessen the frequency and intensity of your headaches by leading you into the an alpha state of consciousness using breath work, sound massage with […]