Maintaining a Meditative Practice

I was well on my way to meditating for two months straight. The research about the benefits of meditation state it takes at least two months to create more grey matter to improve memory, as well as your general well being. I felt each day I meditated my mind began to recede into the back round and I could observe the peace behind closed eyes. Then my husband and I took a trip to Florida to visit my elderly parents. I could have found time to meditate, but it seemed like my concentration wasn’t there. My parents had become more feeble since the last visit in April and that was stressful. It was a good visit. When I got back home, I was too busy to meditate. At least I thought I had too many more important things to do. I started to miss it. Today, I decided not to beat up on myself for not maintaining my practice, but to begin where I left off.

In Meditation you create the rules. Meditation like life needs to flow from you. Today I did a chakra spread. If you ever thought about learning the ways of stones and crystals the “Dream Maker” in Huntsville is a great place to purchase reasonably priced minerals and stones.

There is much written about the chakras and the various stones to use for each one. If you review my Chakra blog you’ll see the colors each one corresponds to. Today I used Red Jasper as I sat on the floor, for my first chakra, for the second chakra, orange jasper, for the solar plex-citrine, the heart- malachite, throat- turquoise, third eye- amethyst and for crown chakra, a quartz crystal. Sitting on the floor, I first rubbed my hands together to stimulate my electro-magnetic field. I felt the field between my hands and then charged the stones with my energy field. This is something you can do as well. Then I took each stone and used them separately on the corresponding chakras. When I finished I felt more energized but peaceful. If you don’t have stones you can use your imagination and use the color breathing exercise I posted in January. Namaste!

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Meditation leads to finding the root of subconscious issues

Depression is something all of us experience in our lives. Yet some of us are plagued by it. Clinical depression is one of the most common maladies of our time. I share this personal anecdote in hopes it will encourage others to employ meditation in their daily life.

A few days ago I woke up feeling a sense of depression, yet not knowing its root cause.Things have been going relatively well in my life, but the sense of unease hung over me like a dark wordless cloud. I sat in meditation for a half hour and when I came out of it, I was still feeling depressed. I questioned myself, why hadn’t the depression lifted and my higher self answered, “it’s because you haven’t been out to the garden in nine days and you haven’t picked up your musical instruments.” We had been visiting my elderly parents during that time and subconsciously I had also buried feelings of sorrow about the reality my parents were getting closer to their demise.

This thought did not come out of the meditation but after the meditation, opening up a deeper part of my brain to get to the root of why I was feeling out of sorts and depressed. It was almost as if my higher self went into the swirl and extracted the information I needed to act on. Having the cause in hand, I empowered myself with a plan by making music, visiting my garden and calling my folks. I know many of you will say, those issues are nothing compared to mine. But meditation can help you as well!

On Saturday Feb. 27th I will be offering a workshop at the Yurt Garden on Personalizing your Meditation. The class will include basic breath work, creative visualization, energy work, toning, Tai Chi, mandala work and classic sitting meditation.

It will begin at 10:00am and run until 3:00pm. Lunch is included. The labyrinth will be available to walk The cost is $50.00. Message me at the number above, use the Contact page, facebook me, or just call today!
Registration is limited to 10 people. Please contact me and reserve your space.

Namaste, Lynn


Viewing the auric field of others

As I had mentioned in the previous post every living and non-living entity has an auric field. The first time I saw my own field I was truly amazed! If you want to do this with your friends, get them to stand in front of a neutral surfaced wall. Stand at least three feet away from them and partially close your eyes. Look two inches off of their head and neck and shoulders, looking for their etheric layer. It should appear yellowish white. Let your eyes move out at least two feet off of their bodies and note what colors you see if any. This is the mental level. Next look four feet off of their bodies and see if you are able to detect their spiritual layer. Note if the colors are sharp, pale or muddled.

Another way you can see your own field is by rubbing your hands together and pulling them apart looking at the space between your fingertips. It’s easiest to see the streaming light coming off of your hands if you are in a darkened hallway with a light on in an adjacent room. Pull your hands apart slowly, as you partially close your eyes. Let me know if you are able to see your own field. I remember how thrilled I was to know my energy did extend beyond my physical body. Warm regards.


Discovering your aura and using it in your every day awareness

Everyone has an aura. It is the electromagnetic field that surrounds us as well as all living and non living things. If you have ever been in a gathering of people and someone comes up to you and pick up a weird vibe from them, you are literally sensing their wave length or energy field. You may have a few words with the person but you feel uncomfortable in their presence so you excuse yourself and leave. Energetically, what is occurring is a clash in your auric fields. If you see a good friend and walk toward them, you sense well being and joy. Energetically, your fields are merging.

Each of us are protected by our auric field yet it can be damaged by stress which in many cases leads to disease. In my Day 7 post, I suggested an exercise to help get a feel for the field by rubbing your palms together, pulling them apart and feeling the sensations between one’s hands. This exercise makes tangible the electrical- magnetic side of your energy field. Today’s exercise will allow you to physically see your field so you can incorporate this knowledge in your daily life.

Your auric field is multi layered. The first layer called the Etheric layer. This layer of energy can be seen an inch or two off of your body. The easiest way to see your field is to take a hot shower and steam up your bathroom. Stand in front of the mirror and look through the steam just above your shoulders and neck. Next look two inches around your head. Do you see a yellowish white light around the outline of your upper body? If so, you are seeing the first layer of your field.
Let your eyes move upward about two feet off of your body, looking at your shoulders and head, do you see any colors? This is the mental level. Now let your eyes stray further around four feet off of your body, do you see anything in the steam at this level. This is your spiritual level.

Tomorrow I’ll offer another auric exercise you can do with a friend or a group of people. The more we know we are multi-dimensional and extend beyond our bodies the more empowered we can become to help ourselves and others find peace and heal.

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Mindfulness and its rightful place

Mindfulness in order to take root in one’s being must begin in the Heart. If you have decided to embark on this journey of self-awareness from a purely intellectual mindset, you will most likely be disappointed and end your practice. Becoming more mindful, allows you to become your own best friend. It can help you learn to love yourself as you explore the parts of you you’d like to enrich as well as the parts you’d like to let go.

What helped me manage my anger when I was raising my three small children as a stay at home mom, was my first foray into mindfulness. I had promised myself I would not yell and scream at them like my own parents did raising my brother and I. Yet, unconsciously I had slipped into the role I vowed I would never take on.
Looking down at their three little faces looking up at me in total fear, helped me decide I would find the root cause of my rage. I asked my husband to watch the children and I took a long walk. What came to me was the cause of my anger was my own frustration of not having any time for myself. Once I finally verbalized it, I could see I could do something about it. I would find time in my day to do something enjoyable for myself. I equated this with a healthy self love. The uncontrollable anger dissipated as well as the guilt associated with it.

Taking a walk in nature, sitting quietly in a beautiful place, being creative, are all ways of taking time to be kind to yourself. No judgement, just love exploring your dimensions.

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Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness has become the new buzz word for people who are trying to escape the rat race their minds create and living more fully. It is a way to live one’s life more aware and connected in the present. By giving the “automatic pilot” the back seat, you can bring new self awareness and peace. Becoming more mindful in situations can allow you to feel more in control of your own reactions to the stimuli around you. It is a positive and empowering way to live. One important way to become more mindful is to pay attention to what you eating, how you eat, and what the triggers for overeating are. So many times we take eating for granted. This exercise is all about experiencing the pleasure of taking one bite of something you find enjoyable.
Before I would begin, I would use the big Exhale, clearing the debris from your mind, followed by three clearing belly breaths. These exercises are explained in the previous posts. Settle into a comfortable chair and then begin.

The food you choose should be something bite sized. Either a small piece of chocolate, a teaspoon of ice cream, a favorite sucking candy, something you will not be chewing. The object is to allow this delicious morsel to dissolve slowly in your mouth feeling the way your tongue, your throat and the inside of your mouth respond to the sensations. Your mind becomes the observer or witness. If any negative emotional reactions come up, send them away and tell them to take a hike. Bring yourself back to the positive experience of having your eyes closed and fully employing your sense of taste and the physical sensations of what is going on in your mouth. Experiencing the pleasure in the moment can elevate your mood. Since this food is something to be considered a treat allow yourself one more piece and evaluate your sensations the second time around. Does the second bite taste as good? Note in your journal if there is a difference. Have a good day!


Experiencing your human energy field- Day 7

In the previous six days I’ve shared breath exercises, a brief overview of the chakra system, and how to utilize color breathing with your meditation. Last night, after watching an episode of “Foyle’s War,”an excellent show about WW11 through the eyes of a British policeman, I was unable to fall asleep. My mind was racing with the images I had just witnessed, some violent in nature. It came to me, to let my mind wrap around color chakra breathing. Within a short while, less than fifteen minutes, I was asleep. Using these techniques, letting them become a part of your daily life can bring wonderful results!
Once you discover this new awareness within your own body you will never think of yourself the same way.

The exercise I learned from my first teacher over thirty five years ago was the one that changed the course of my life. I like to think of it as my Dorothy moment from “The Wizard of Oz,” when the Wizard told her she always had the ability to go back home. All she had to do was click here heels three times and say “there’s no place like home.”
Your human energy field is the same way. It has always been with you. Awareness is all you need to unlock your potential ability to heal yourself and those around you.

Begin by sitting comfortably in a chair, feet flat on the ground. Exhale all the stale air from your lungs, take in three clearing breaths breathing into the belly and exhaling gently through the mouth. Next rub your hands together as if you were starting a fire for about a minute. Close your eyes and gently pull them apart. Notice what you feel. Can you sense a magnetic pull, heat or cold sensations? Pull them a little further apart, still with closed eyes. Notice where you don’t feel them exerting a pull over each other. Bring them together and in your mind’s eye, see a ball. Feel the sides of the ball, and the top and bottom of it. What size is it? Is it a tennis ball or soccer ball? What color comes to mind as you hold your energy ball? If you don’t feel anything the first time, don’t give up. Everything gets better with practice. Namaste.